rider statements

Russell Jones, Tarifa finisher 2018
On Facebook remark to the film “NorthCape-Tarifa 2018 – absolutely evil…
“These are the views of some of the very good bike riders at the front – what do you think the wee fat Scottish guy felt like? Andi Buchs set an incredible route but it’s fair to say he likes a climb 😂
NorthCape-Tarifa, 14 countries, 4,500 miles, 250,000 feet climbing – Evil but bloody brilliant 🚴‍♂️❤️👍”

Christopher Ross Bennette, Tarifa finisher 2018
“Such an adventure! Best trip ever.”

Morten Kjærsgaard, Tarifa finisher 2018
“RAAM is a sunday trip in southern France compared to the NCT”

Javier Simon, Tarifa finisher 2018 on single speed
07:16 Sunday, 08.07.2018 – NCTA2018 Day 18
“Galibier overrated but the 3rd climb…never ever suffered so much on a bike. Stunning day. Met many riders doing The Marmotte grand fondo series at the top of the Galibier.”

Bess Robson, Tarifa finisher 2018
“CP 5. Pico del Veleta. This 3,396m climb was absolutely brutal.”

Mike Sheldrake, Tarifa finisher 2018
11.09.2018 on Facebook:
“The Northcape-Tarifa should become one of the classic single-stage, self-supported events on the calendar. It’s the longest of these events (if you ride all sections) and arguably the hardest aimed at road bikes (no doubt about it in my mind). However, on top of that, the route has been superbly crafted by Andi. The riding is fabulous, varied, challenging and above all, safe, keeping clear of heavy traffic. It’s a fabulous contrast to TCR, following the opposite diagonal across Europe, from Scandinavia and it’s eternal daylight, to the heat and rural solitude of the Iberian Peninsular. Northcape is a great and iconic place to start a ride but Tarifa is the place to finish, with plenty of cheap but good options for accommodation, a chilled and relaxed café and bar culture in the old town, blue skies, beach and warm sea. The perfect place for a few days recovery. Make sure to keep an eye on this and the webpage over the next few weeks and grab an entry when they open.”

René Rutten, NorthCape-Tarifa 2018
“I loved the ambience of NCTR 2018. The ride with the collegue-riders from Alta to the Northcape, the diner, cycling and chats with collegue-riders during the race on the road, in the restaurants.”

Steffen Streich, NorthCape-Tarifa winner 2018
“This race brings the crown back to Europe for the longest and hardest bike adventure in the world! It will be the biggest challenge for the toughest riders on this planet.”