route: changelog

Weather can change situations all over the route unexpectedly. 2019 a rockfall in the Val Cenis, just before the Col du Télégraphe climb, resulted in a signed redirection, no one could know about beforhand. Also in 2019 a heavy thunderstorm resultet in several rockslides on the Col du Galibier road and the mountain pass was closed, the night before the first rider arrived there. In 2018 a new roadconstruction in Poland resultet that riders had to carry the bike for a about 200m. This is part of the NorthCape-Tarifa adventure and riders have to find their own way in such circumstances individually.

Route changes for 2020

  • A detour of about 10km in Poland where a new motorway was in construction will change back to the original route.
  • The famous old railway tunnels in southern France will no longer be part of the route. After riding it several times without any issues, there was a bit water in one of the tunnels in 2018 and for some riders after a heavy storm in 2019. Since most of the riders gave feedback to keep it as part of the route, who ever likes to join these tunnels is free to ride the original route there.
  • The section trough the Gorafe desert with a gravel road and a river crossing was never a mandatory part of the route and so it is mentioned in the routebook since the beginning. It was no problem to ride on the hard surface trough the river in 2018 and it even can be dry, no water at all at this place. In July 2019 there was a bit more water and riding the bike was not recommended, but a crossing was possible without any danger. So there will be no change, this sections will keep a no mandatory section. We recommend to read the routebook, new you get a suggestion of a detour.

Route changes for 2019

  • Pico del Veleta: the check point selfie photo has not anymore to be taken with the monument at the top, instead in front of the small house about 10m below the top monument. This is also accessible for the recumbent bikes. No more bike carrying over the rocks.
  • Last stretch into Tarifa is no more choice between the N340/E5 from Algeciras and the CA-221. N340/E5 is no longer part of the route.
  • After Granada, the route goes now trough Zafarraya. 6km less gravel and and an additional resuply opportunity in Zafarraya.
  • Sort, Spain: error in the GPX solved, route follows now trough Sort the N260. The river crossing there i snot anymore part of the route.
  • Estland: From Uulu to Häädemeeste the route uses the 333 instead the No. 4. 24km less along the No. 4.
  • Lettland: Kalkis to Jelgava 26km over A9 and P99 is no longer part of the route. New it keeps on the right side of the river Lielupe to Rosiba, then P96 to Kronauce and P103 to Tervete.
  • Lichtenstein is a new country the route will come along. For this the cycling route follows east side of the river will be used. This results also in more riding in Austria.
  • Additional check point Bregenz, Austria