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03.01.2018/ 14:04
Mail with route infos sent
All registered riders got a mail with route informations and hte route files.

01.10.2018/ 00:30
Registration for 2019 online
The registration page for the 2019 edition is online.

11.08.2018/ 20:30
Page updated
Start date 2019 updated, new finish point Bregenz added, new category recumbent  bikes added, additional country Lichtenstein added, results 2018 added.

11.05.2018/ 22:55
Roster page updated
The roster list is updated and official.

06.05.2018/ 01:54
GPX route track Czech Republic and Germany-Austria
The GPX route tracks for the Czech Republic and Gemrany-Austria is sent to the registered riders by email.

05.05.2018/ 18:48
GPX route track Poland
The GPX route track for Poland is sent to the registered riders by email.

30.04.2018/ 19:28
GPX route track Baltic countries
The GPX route track from Tallinn to the boarder of Polans is sent to the registered riders by email.

10.04.2018/ 08:13
On the way to Helsinki/Tallinn
Checking the route from Tallinn to Bregenz on the bike.

23.02.2018/ 12:26
GPX route track NorthCape-Helsinki
The GPX route track from the NorthCape to Helsinki is sent to the registered riders by email.

13.02.2018/ 13:35
Website updated
The menue structur of the website is updated.

29.01.2018/ 22:59
3th newsletter sent
3th newsletter is sent to more then 2100 registered newsletter email addresses

11.12.2017/ 21:07
GPX route track Andora to Tarifa
The GPX route track from Andora to Tarifa is sent to the registered riders by email.

01.12.2017/ 07:42
Roster page online
The roster site is now online, still growing.

16.11.2017/ 10:57
On the way to Spain
Checking the route from southern France to Spain on bike.

08.11.2017/ 16:33
New photos in the photo gallery
There are many new photos from Switzerland and Col du Galibier in the photo gallery.

31.10.2017/ 23:39
2nd newsletter sent
2nd newsletter is sent to more then 2000 registered newsletter email addresses

23.10.2017/ 00:06
FAQ page updated
Point 9: new if you start for Tarifa and finish your ride in Nice, it’s not qualified as scratched. You get listed as finisher Nice but not classified.

12.10.2017/ 14:30
Registration page updated
Information about closing dates of the registration added.

10.10.2017 / 15:03
Route Finland ckecked
The route till Helsinki ridden on bike and checked if okay.

05.09.2017/ 20:59
Dario opens his bike shop for NorthCape Tarifa racers 24 hours
Dario Valsesia, a well known finisher of the Transam Bike Race, Transcontinental Race, Transatlantic Way, 7x Iditarod Trail Invitational… opens his bike shop in Borgomanero  Italy for all the NorthCape-Tarifa racers 24 hours. This is about half way between NorthCape and Tarifa.

10.09.2017/ 18:23
Route Finland updated
The route in Finland is updated and goes now a bit more east.

01.09.2017 / 17:00
Registration open
Registration for the adventure is open:

31.08.2017 / 13:28
Twitter updated
Twitter updated with new head image…  and link to Twitter account added.

30.08.2017/ 15:13
Bus from Alta to the start at the NorthCape
We will organize a bus with trailer for the bikes from Alta to the NorthCape. The bus will leave Alta 19.06.2018 / 14:00 and arrive at the NorthCape around 18:00. Cost incl. bike Euro 90.-/person. Reservation with the registration is necessary.

18.08.2017 / 08:53
Strava club created
Club on Strava online:

13.08.2017 / 19:25
New photos in the photo gallery, correction of the amount of climbing
There are many new photos from Spain and the NorthCape region in the photo gallery and the amount of climbing on the first route part is updated.

11.08.2017 / 23:50
Correction for the amount of climbing in Finland
The 26’000m climbing from the NorthCape to Helsinki are not correct.
RideWithGPS calculated a wrong amount. At the moment the amount is set to 15’000m climbing. 4000m more climbing than is correct, There is a strange structure in the altitude profile from RideWithGPS seen when zooming into some areas. As soon we find a program that uses the correct model to calculate the correct amount of climbing, we will update this.