film project NorthCape-Tarifa

Help us get this project off the ground.

We plan to produce a documentary film about the inaugural North Cape-Tarifa bicycle race.

The film will follow riders on a 7400 km odyssey through 14 countries. These adventurers will encounter many cultures, languages and climate zones as they race, without support, from the far north of Norway to the southern tip of Spain.

North to South will be about the North Cape-Tarifa race. We are looking for supporters and sponsors for this project. Please consider a donation to help make this happen. Any amount is welcome.

Supporters will receive the following:

  • Up to 19 Euros-your name will be listed on the race website as a supporter.
  • 20-99 Euros- your name will be listed in the film credits.
  • 100- 170 Euros- you will be listed in the film credits and receive a limited edition North Cape- Tarifa T-Shirt.
  • Over 170 Euros- in addition to all of the above, you will receive a limited edition NCT race backpack, handmade in La Grave, France (at the base of the Col du Galibier, which racers will climb).

We will notify all donors when the film is completed- which we anticipate being by the end of October 2018. If the film project will not be successfull, we will pay back your money.

If you or your company would like to sponsor this worthy project with a donation of 1000 Euros or more, please contact us directly at

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