film project – brendon


Help us get this project off the ground.

We plan to produce a documentary film about the inaugural NorthCape-Tarifa adventure. The film will follow riders on the 7100km long route through 14 countries, all the different landscapes, different cultures with all the different languages in different climate zones.

From the south up” is Brendon Tyree’s film about his own journey in South America, “North to South” is the journey of the Northcape-Tarifa riders.
To make this project happen, we look for supporters and sponsors. Be part of the project, help us to get this project off the ground. Every amount is welcome.

What you get as supporter:

  • You spend up to 20.- Euro:
    You will be listed with your name on the website page “supporters”.
  • You spend 20.- Euro or more:
    Additionaly your name will also be listed in the end credits of the film.
  • You spend 100.- Euro or more:
    Additionaly you will get an original limited NorthCape-Tarifa T-Shirt.
  • You spend 170.- Euro or more:
    Additionaly you will get a limited NorthCape-Tarifa race backpack, handmade in La Grave France, at the bottom of the famous Col du Galibier, where the route comes along.

If you or your company would like to support our project with 1000.- Euro or more, contact us at or over the contact form. We will send you our sponsor guidelines by email.

I like to help as supporter getting this project off the ground:

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As soon the film is available end of October, we send you an email with a link to the film.