MAProgress registering tracker

How to register your tracker:

Go to the registration link you got by email.
Please don’t change anything on the “Main rider details” section, numbers are assigned.
– Go to the section: “Device(s)”
– Go to “Enter details for a new device that I own/have rented”

– Enter Name: “SpotTrace_XXX” (XXX your number, “003”)
– Select “Spot Trace” (or “Spot Gen 3”)
– Enter “ESN Number”

If you have a SpotTrace service plan, select “Share Page…”
– Enter “Authentication Code”
– Enter “Share page..:”
– Enter “Share page password”

If you don’t have a SpotTrace service plan, select “Direct connection to MAProgress…”
– Enter “Authentication Code”
– Enter “Tracking Interval” 5 Min.
– “Update Device”

– Select “Active From”: 18.06.2018
– Select “Active To”: 17.07.2018 or later

– Go to the section “Credit card”

– “Update”

If you have an Android or iPhone device, you can add the Android or iPhone app as second tracker to have a backup.