official roster list

solo riderscountrycourseremarks
Steffen StreichGreeceTarifaTranscontinental Race 2014
Trans Africa Bike Race 2015
TransAm Bike Race 2016
Indian Pacific Wheel Race 2017
Kai EdelGermanyTarifaTransAm Bike Race 2016
Indian Pacific Wheel Race 2017
Andrej ZamanSloveniaTarifaTranscontinental Race 2015
Trans Am Bike Race 2016
many brevets longer than 1000 km
Javier SimonSpainTarifaHighland Trail race 3 times finisher on single speed
I'll race this on single speed.
Christopher BennettNew ZealandTarifaTour Divide Finisher (2013)
Transcontinental Race Finisher (2014 and 2015)
Grenzstein Trophy Winner (2016)
Indian Pacific Wheel Race (2017)
Bernardka JuricSloveniaTarifaLast year I was cycling cross Norway and Finland (from Alta to Helsinki). I ride brevet in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosina, Austria, same race in Germany. And this year end of March I was clasic skirunig from Kuusamo to Artic ocean and many times border to border skiing from Rusia to Sweden border.
Pierangelo RivoiraItaliaTarifaTranscontnental Race 2014, 2015
TransAm Bike Race 2016
Mike SheldrakeUnited KingdomTarifa3 Previous times on the Transcontinental, in 2017 the IndyPac and The Transatlantic Way
Andy BuchsSwitzerlandTarifaTrans Am Bike Race 2015 & 2016
TCR 2016 & 2017
Transafrica Bike Race 2016
Indian Pacific Wheel Race 2017
Transatlantic Way Race 2017
Haute Route Pyrenees, Alpes and Dolomite
Tour du Mont Blanc 2014...
Morten KjærsgaardDanmarkTarifa3 x PBP
2 x LEL
Race Around Slovenia
3 starts in RAAM (2012 and 14, finish in 2016)
NorthCape4000 (2017)
RAAM in 2014 i DNF´d with 270 km to the finish....
I have good mood and much love for the world 🙂
Simone ParriItalyNiceTransAtlanticWay
Northcape 4000
1001 miles
Other randonnées
Claus RoblDenmarkTarifaSolo finisher RAAM Race Across America 2016
Caroline ItemUnited KingdomHelsinki
Johan KooistraThe NetherlandsTarifaLast year's north cape 4000.
I cycled in Africa with TDA
Fusi MassimoItalyTarifaTranscontinental Race 2016
Tour Divide 2017
Florian SickelGermanyTarifaCBG17
Northcape4000 2017
Race around Austria
Race across Germany
Swiss Cycling Marathon
Christian FichterSwitzerlandNiceTCR5
Mallorca 312
Many RTFs
Henry KrätkeSwitzerlandNice
Charalampos EleftheriouGreeceHelsinkiPBP 2015
LEL 2017
Samuli MäkinenSuomiTarifaI've been randonneuring and touring for a few years, and I've raced the Transcontinental race twice, 2016 and 2017, finishing 13th and 10th. And in 2015 I rode the Paris-Brest-Paris.
Steven HonSingaporeTarifaComplete PBP 2015 (Audax)
Complete The Japanese Odyssey 2016 (solo Unsupported)
Complete TCR 2017 (14d15h)(solo unsupported)
Alex Del RioUnited KingdomTarifaI started road cycling seriously around 16, having always been a lover of going out on a ride at the weekend
At 17 I rode across Spain 850km on a mountain bike unsupported in the scorching summer heat
While at university I regularly went out on shorter more intense team rides and occasional overnight trips
This year I am doing an internship in London before going back to uni and have a >65km round trip commute
René RuttenThe NetherlandsTarifa2014: 100 cols and 88 cotes throughout France ( 4100 km. 72000 heigtmeters) in 28 days. (Selfsupporting)
In the past weekend trips till 1000 km.
Pierre MoreelUnited StatesNiceI biked once near La Grave with an e-bike, it was fun!
(remark: it's known he did much more on his loaded touring bike!)
Adrian PhillipsonUnited KingdomHelsinkiTranscontinental 2017 - finished off by a dog bite!
Lejog a few times.
Urs Arnold KutscheraSwitzerlandNiceTranscontinental Race 2016 (29th)
Transcontinental Race 2017 (DNF)
Paris-Brest-Paris, 1200km (2011, 2015)
Lots of Brevets (200-600km)
Lots of bike-travelling on different continents
Sebastian RaunerGermanyNiceTransam 16
Berlin-Istanbul 17
Brevet series 15,16,17
Bess RobsonUnited KingdomTarifa2017:
- 5'000km self supported solo bike tour with 50'000m of ascent.
- Mont Ventoux x3 in a day.
- Gibralter to Lisbon self supported bike tour.
- Numerous other shorter bike tours.
Anisa AubinUnited KingdomTarifaAudax - SR
TcrNo5 / Transcontinental Race 2017
Rolf MoserSwitzerlandTarifaTour Aotearoa 2016
Tour Divide 2016
Route 66 Bike Race (dnf)
Carso Trail 2017
Trans Am 2017
London-Edinburgh-London 2017
Mark CourtierUnited KingdomTarifa This will be my first attempt at an event of this type.
John ClelandUnited KingdomNiceI have competed in several triathlons. I have also competed in running races up to 40 miles long.
I took part in the Transatlantic Way Race last year but had to drop out after over 800km with knee problems. I've been doing lots of physio and strength work so hopefully that won't be a problem again!
Boris PupičSlovenijaTarifaTranscontinetal Race 2015
Peter VancampenhoutBelgiumTarifaTranscontinetal Race 2015 & 2017
pair riders
Aaron Ehlers / Russell JonesUnited States / ScotlandTarifaAaron Ehlers:
10 years of bike touring experience, including internationally.
2017 finisher of the TransAm bike race.

Russell Jones:
Trans Am Bike Race 2017 (27 day finish)
Lands End - John o Groats (touring)
Kingussie - Marseille (touring)
Other multi day rides
Meaghan Hackinen /
Matthias Rau
Canada / GermanyTarifaLots of Brevets 200-600km
Transcontinental Race 2015 (DNF)
Transatlantic Way Race 2016
Trans Am Bike Race 2017
Maurizio Pitti / Franco MorganiItaly / ItalyTarifaNorth Cape 4000