route: NorthCape-Bregenz

New for 2019: Bregenz as finish

The route consists of a single stage race, from the North Cape, Norway to Bregenz, Austria consisting of tree parts. The route is about 4071km long and delivers 28’048m climbing.


Part 1: North Cape to Helsinki
1753km, 15’000m climbing
Finnland, Lapland

North Cape, Rovaniemi, Helsinki, the midnight sun, 24 hours daylight



Part 2: Tallinn to Bregenz
2318km, 13’048m climbing

Tallinn, Riga, Torun, Poznañ, Terezin, Pilsen, Bregenz





It is a designated route, which must be completed in full, no detours.
From Helsinki to Tallinn will the rider take the ferry.

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