NCT2022: Daniel Polman is not classified

As in all of our self supported bike packing events, penalties and so on are spoken at the end of the event. Daniel Polman was since Ilanz in Switzerland, km 4210 conditional on the route to Tarifa. He was in the knowledge, that a final decision will be made at the end of the event.

The decision is: Daniel is a finisher but not classified in the ranking.

Out of the email to Daniel this morning:
(Sarka is Daniel’s wife)

Hi Daniel,

I come back to the email from 01.07.2022 17:32:
“Hello Sarka,
He can continue but conditional.
Final decision at the end of the race.”

I move forward the decision and don’t wait till the last rider arrived at the finish.

For me it’s very important, that all our events are fair play and everyone respects the rules.
About 5 hours before the start i learnt, that you have a privat photographer with you. In general, this is not acceptable and against the rules of self supported. Anyway to make the best out of this situation so short before the start, we agreed with you and your photographer, that he can follow the race if he documents the race and not one certain rider. When the race was going on, I had to realize, that your photographer is not following our agreement. I then forbid you, that your photographer or anyone else is allowed to follow you from Czech on.

Sadly i found your photographer on the route between Reichenau and Bonaduz waiting for you.

In the email from 01.07.2022 17:32 i allowed you to continue to Tarifa but conditional. (unter Vorbehalt)

One point for the final decission:

  • Your time from Bregenz to Tarifa was not remarkable faster as the other riders.
  • Your time from CP2 Bregenz to CP6 Pico del Veleta was 10 hours slower as the so far fastest time on this section.
  • Your time from CP5 Port d’Envalira to CP6 Pico del Veleta was 17 hours slower as the so far fastest time on this section.
  • The time that you made good to the other riders, happened in the section where your friend and photographer was following the route. Before Germany not as agreed and from Czech on against my instructions.


I decided to make two groups for solo riders.
A new group “Solo not classified”. You will be in this group.

The difference to disqualified, all your check point times and finish time keeps visible and you are a finisher. But you are a finisher not classified for the ranking. Means you are not allowed to use the expression “winner”, “1st” or anything equivalent, for the NorthCape-Tarifa.

This decision cannot be contested.

I know your fans will not understand it. After already some complaining unrespectful remarks from your fans on Facebook and Instagram on your finisher photo, i deleted the Instagram post after i was not able to just delete a single comment. And i deleted some comments on Facebook. We will continue deleting unrespectful and not appropriate comments on our channels.

I really respect your effort. I hope of your understanding and maybe see you one day again.

All the best,

UPDATE 21.07.2022
More details about Daniel Polman’s not classification will be published with the final definitive results. For now we are focused on the riders still on the route.